Internet connection issues reported throughout the UK

Trying to get Plusnet broadband installed and proving to be very frustrating. The sent me a text message to say they had cancelled the booked engineer and … BT, TalkTalk And Plusnet Broadband CRASHES - NewsOpener BT, TalkTalk and Plusnet broadband are DOWN across parts of the UK after a FIRE in Newcastle leaves customers unable to make calls or connect to the i Education Travel Plusnet isn’t acting safely with your password - Graham Cluley Nov 26, 2015 I had to leave PlusNet Mobile recently because of bad customer service and now the same issues with your broadband. Am struggling with very slow and patchy broadband in my day to day work. 2020-07-22 06:13:01

Nov 18, 2019

Jul 19, 2010 Plusnet - PPRuNe Forums

What does Plusnet say? A Plusnet spokesperson said: "Mrs Hewitt was one of a small percentage of our customers who were experiencing issues with their account from the new billing system that we introduced at the end of last year. We've worked hard to fix the issues and during this time we haven't billed these customers.

@plusnethelp @Plusnet Are there broadband connection issues in the Cheshire area, seems we’re offline at the moment with no internet connection. And (@watkin70) reported 9 hours ago @Plusnet @plusnethelp hi, I've upgraded from ultimate fibre to ultimate fibre extra new contract. Had email saying it be done on the 20th July, but still waiting. Hello, I've been on plusnet for about 6 weeks with a fibre unlimited connection. I'm consistently having router wifi problems. The broadband connection is stable and anything connected to the router by ethernet has no issues. Anything in my home on wifi however, seems to lose connection randomly, If you've got the Plusnet Hub One, connect one end of the grey Internet cable to the DSL socket and the other to the phone socket (it's the smaller of the two). If you're using a Plusnet 2704n or a Technicolor 582n, it'll be the fourth Ethernet socket on the back of your router. Service Status Plusnet cannot offer reliable standard IP service on top of basic fibre with HubOne. - And the best one yet: "I am very sorry for the issues you are having. We supply all our fiber Customers and our Fiber Extra customers with Plusnet Hub Ones. We do not offer any other routers for Fiber." --> I didn't ask for a different router. I want you to Plusnet Help and Support Pages. Easy to follow guides to help troubleshoot and resolve most common problems.