2019-4-24 · antivirus for ipad - iPad Anti-virus Issues and iPad Virus Protection FAQ There are two sides to the iPad anti-virus issue, so let me explain both sides, with cases. Apple iPad devices are fairly well protected even without any antivirus for ipad. There is not too much to worry about as long as your iPad is not "jail broken" and crashing. The Operating System, called the iOS, is a "closed system."

iPad Security - Do You Need to Worry About Viruses and Perhaps others are wondering about iPad viruses and other threats. Here’s a copy of the question and my reply. Thanks for asking Nancy! Dr. Brovey, As a participant in your first iPad MC, I am excited to read that so many have taken advantage of your excellent iPad tutorials. Congratulations! Would you address the issue of security for the iPad? Does Your Android Phone Need an Antivirus App? If you want any of these features – particularly the “find my Android” anti-theft feature – an Android security app can still be useful. As long as you stick to apps from Google Play, you probably don’t need an antivirus – especially if you’re using Android 4.2 or later. iPhone & iPad security: Why the iOS app XcodeGhost exploit 2020-7-19 · Which antivirus program do I need for an iPad or iPhone? Despite the security threats mentioned above, you don't need anti-virus software for the iPad and iPhone - not that there is any anti-virus Antivirus for iPad - The NetMediaBlog

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Mar 27, 2019 · I don’t recommend buying security software for iPhone (and iPad). It’s just about useless because security software needs low-level access to the system, and third-party apps on iPhone aren’t allowed low-level access.

Does Your iPhone Really Need Antivirus Software? | Gazette To understand why antivirus software is so unnecessary for iOS devices, you need to understand how these programs normally function on machines using other operating systems. Typically, antivirus software needs ‘hooks’ into the operating system which provide the deep access necessary to monitor device activity and detect malware. Q&A: Does my iPhone need an antivirus app? 2020-3-24 · Do I need to install an antivirus app on my iPhone? One friend says I do and another friend (who I tend to trust more lol) says I don’t. I’d really like to know for sure so I can make sure my phone is protected. I just don’t want to install another app if I don’t need it. But if I do need to install one, which one would you recommend?