Jun 10, 2020

The System is designed to handle broadband performance tests within the territory of Hong Kong and enables broadband service users to measure the performance of their broadband connections on the following aspects – Download speed. The rate at which data is transferred from the test server to the user device. Upload speed OFCA Broadband Performance Test Reference number-Press "print screen" to print the result Disclaimer Hong Kong Speedtest Report Jun 13, 2017 Hong Kong (SAR)'s Mobile and Broadband Internet Speeds Mar 13, 2020

Hong Kong Broadband Network Speed Test

U.S. Allows Google Internet Project to Advance Only if U.S. officials granted Google permission to turn on a high-speed internet link to Taiwan but not to the Chinese territory of Hong Kong, citing national-security concerns in a ruling that US bars Google from enabling high-speed internet link to Apr 10, 2020

China's 5G speeds live up to the hype - Tests of the

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