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Hook Up your laptop to the Internet. Plug an Ethernet Cable into your laptop-- If your Wifi is Hooked Up to a Desktop Computer, you can simply Unplug the end of the Ethernet Cable which is plugged into the back of the Tower and plug it into your laptop-- If your Wifi is not hooked up to a Desktop Computer, then you will need to get an Ethernet

Dec 14, 2009 · If the router is configured but you still can’t get access to the Internet, make sure you did not inadvertently disable the WiFi adapter. Laptops will usually have a switch or button that enables and disables the WiFi. It might also be associated with a function (FN) key. If you can’t find it, consult your laptops documentation. Sep 19, 2019 · Consequently, you can’t send or request data over the internet. Log into your router and go to Settings > Status (or Network Status) to check if the IP address is valid. If the status says Off or Disabled , and there are not numbers for the IP address, the router isn’t getting an IP address from your ISP. Jul 04, 2017 · So, when you connect to public Wi-Fi, the request for access is intercepted and redirected to the captive portal. Oftentimes this works just fine and you can go on about your business. But sometimes this redirect is blocked by the browser because it attempts to redirect the request to HTTPS before it tries to connect to the server—this is a