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2018-1-10 · C:\Windows\system32\wbem\wmiprvse.exe 为 GetModuleFileName() 的值,它为发出查询的二进制模块名称。 这个报错通常是由于MobileServiceAPI这个三方应用程序出现意外奔溃导致的,如果使用过程中没有出现问题的话,建议可以忽略此错误正常使用即可。

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The chromecast only accepts the nVidia high definition audio (displayport/hdmi) for sound, which works fine when casting. However I now cannot hear at the PC through my USB Logitech G433 headset. I would like to hear through my headphones and stream the audio with the video.

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BT TV channels. BT offers four TV packages that you can only take in addition to a BT broadband deal. Its Classic package offers up to 80 Freeview channels including Dave, Film 4 and E4. You also get a YouView+ Box that lets you pause and rewind live TV plus you can record up to 300 hours of your favourite shows.

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2015-12-7 · Como excluir o Windows Log Files arquivos de log do Windows contêm registros da atividade do seu computador. Alguns arquivos de log de registro comandos executados , outros armazenar o histórico de navegação na Internet , e outros contêm uma lista de erros e exceções que o computador tem jogado .

Vpn remote access server

Jul 21, 2016 · The VPN server is configured to allow remote access only to users whose domain account dial-in properties are set to allow access, by default. A better and more effective way to grant remote access is by using an Active Directory (AD) security group.

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La forma en que la mayoría de las personas accede a la red oscura y a los servidores de cebolla ocultos es a través del navegador Tor. Si está utilizando una VPN, sin embargo, hay una mejor opción, puede usar Tor en la VPN. Al conectarse a su VPN y luego conectarse a la red Tor, obtendrá un nivel adicional de privacidad en la red Tor.

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Google Earth Pro calculates the range between the two color values. To group a range of numeric fields, choose a number of buckets . To display data elements for places based on color bucket, create subfolders.To show or hide the display of color groups, use the check box next to the folder.

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Jul 14, 2010 · Most US content is region-locked, so if they detect that your Roku is not in the USA, some or all content will be unavailable for streaming. The solutions I gave above are ways to make yourself appear as though you're in the US.

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To reboot the AIX (UNIX) server, first make sure that people are not actively using the system. Reboots are usually done off-hours. Procedure for rebooting the server:

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Super Street Network is dedicated to covering import street racing cars, drifting videos, import and tuner models, JDM parts and accessories from around the world

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