The more your business needs lean toward lower performance, latency-tolerant traffic, a single or small number of locations, and traditional secure networking needs, the more pfSense is likely to be sufficient.

Jul 09, 2020 r/PFSENSE - network bottleneck, could it be hyper-v I have a pfSense installed in a Proxmox VM with Hardware Checksum Offloading and TX offload disabled in pfSense and Proxmox. The VM was configured using the guide from Netgate (VirtIO drivers for NIC). My network is segemented into VLANs sharing one 1 Gbits connection as a trunk to pfSense. pfSense + 2 wireless networks = ??? - Spiceworks Nov 10, 2014 Zabbix Share - pfSense 2.4+

How to build a PfSense router and connect it to Wi-Fi

Setup Pfsense & Unifi with Guest Wifi VLAN Nov 13, 2019 Cant connect from host (windows) to pfsense (VirtualBox

Zabbix Share - pfSense 2.4+

May 22, 2020