May 18, 2020 · “Right now the Government can collect web browsing and internet search history without a warrant under section 215 of the PATRIOT Act. Section 215, from the beginning, has been the most controversial and dangerous provision of the FISA law.

Mar 28, 2019 · If your Internet traffic flows through his equipment then yes. If you connect directly to the ISP and he is only a billing agent for then then, no. A VPN can protect you against that but the VPN can see all your traffic. But like an ISP, to most VPNs, you are just a client in whom they have no interest in snooping on. Reply Jul 15, 2020 · Yes, employers can monitor their employee internet activity. Nowadays, it is a common technique of the employers and makes good business sense. But they should not interact with your personal accounts such as email. anon938108 March 8, 2014 . Yes, we can monitor internet activity. Jun 07, 2013 · In fact, the government can potentially learn more about you from this metadata than it can from the actual content of your conversations, according to The New Yorker's Jane Mayer. For example, it Not all privacy modes are the same, but most private browser settings won’t retain your cookies, browsing history, search records, or files you downloaded. Still, the cookies used during private browsing sessions can provide information about your browsing behavior to third parties. This means your web activity can still be tracked.

Oct 05, 2015 · It depends on the settings that the school put up. Some of them can't really see anything but others can see your URL. However, I'm pretty sure that even if they are able to see your internet history, they probably won't because there would be too much traffic.

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Oct 03, 2017 · You, and other users of that site, might not be able to see the deleted info, but it's still stored somewhere. And in some cases, that content doesn't really belong to you anymore. For example, you have to request Facebook delete your account permanently, and Google can keep your information in perpetuity and use it however the company sees fit.

May 22, 2017 · Or you can always view your browsing history in the History sidebar. Open it by pressing Alt to show the menu bar, then choosing View → Sidebar → History. Or, you can use the keyboard shortcut