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Apple suggests that prior to submitting to the Mac application store, the installation process for Macs be tested using the command sudo installer -store -pkg path-to-package -target / I saved the application package to the desktop and then in the terminal I sent the command How to: Install Wine on Mac OS X How to: Install Wine on Mac OS X. Mac OS X could be the best operating system ever but there's still one thing that it lacks: you can neither run any essential Windows apps, nor even install Wine to make it possible. Here we'll try to make the things clearer and help you get the world's most popular porting software on your Apple machine. Can I install and application and have it available for Oct 10, 2011 macos - How to run C program on Mac OS X using Terminal Now install the command-line tools like this: xcode-select --install Then you can compile your code with by simply running gcc as in the next line without having to fire up the big, ugly software development GUI called Xcode: gcc -Wall -o program program.c Note: On newer versions of OS X, you would use clang instead of gcc, like this:

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How to Install Mac Software on Windows. Mac Emulator for PC

TurboTax Mac and Windows Install Help | TurboTax® Support How do I install the TurboTax software for Mac? Installing TurboTax software on a Mac is an easy, 2-step process: Insert your CD into your Mac's CD/DVD drive or double-click your TurboTax download's .dmg file, which will mount a virtual drive on your desktop.