May 30, 2012

Jan 19, 2012 Unable to connect to Internet - Dell Community Unable to connect Dell N5010 to LAN Internet Unable to share internet connection on my dell inspiron 15z 5523 ultrabook running windows 8 (64 bit) INSPIRON N5050; UNABLE TO CONNECT TO INTERNET THROUGH CABLE Computer is unable to connect to ethernet after waking up The problem: I connect to the Internet (and to my local network) via an Ethernet cable. However, when I wake my computer from Sleep mode, the computer is unable to connect with the Ethernet. The only solution that works is restarting the computer. Here are a few details about my computer: Type: Dell … Unable to connect to wireless internet on Alienware Mx17R4 Unable to connect to wireless internet on Alienware Mx17R4 Hello, I'm going to go ahead and add I am by no means a computer whiz, So knowing the graphic card or wireless card, I have no clue how to identify so I will explain everything in detail as it happened to help rule out some problems hopefully;

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