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MyPublicWiFi - Virtual Access Point MyPublicWiFi is an easy-to-use software that turns your laptop/tablet/PC into a Wi-Fi wireless access point or individual Hotspot. Anyone nearby can surf the Internet through your sharing. This is also an ideal solution for setting up a temporary Access Point in a hotel room,meeting room,at home or the like. Turn your PC into a Wi-Fi Hotspot - Connectify Hotspot Hotspot Easily Connects All Your Devices to Wi-Fi. Connectify Hotspot makes all your devices happy. This easy-to-use virtual router application lets you share Internet from your laptop with your smartphone, tablet, media player, e-reader, other laptops, and even your nearby friends. Use it anywhere in the world without restrictions. Free Virtual Hotspot - Free WiFi Hotspot Creator Software Why use Free Virtual Hotspot. Proved to be as #1 free Virtual WiFi Hotspot software for 5 years. Favored by 3 Million users. 100+ Awards from PC Magazines & Websites; Our guarantee: We promise Free Virtual Hotspot will be 100% free, 100% clean

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Use MyHotspot Software with Virtual Wi-Fi Access Point for Windows 7/8/10! WiFiCreator turns your laptop/PC/Tablet with Windows 7/8/10 into a Wi-Fi wireless access point. This allows the use of MyHotspot software without a physical router or access point.

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Maryfi Free Software download page Before downloading Maryfi to your Windows 7 computer, you need to download and install Microsoft Virtual Wi-Fi Miniport Adapter. This is an important update to your Windows 7 laptop to run your computer in the Access Point mode. Besides it gives your computer the ability to connect to a Wi-Fi hotspot, and run Maryfi and start your own Wi-Fi hotspot, this means that your computer acts as a Wi Top 10 Best Virtual Router Software To Share Internet According to your requirement, we have decorated the top 10 best virtual router software to provide you a smooth connection. The collection of the hotspot router is based on availability on the internet, user recommendation, and performance. We do not rank any software. These virtual WiFi routers are based on the Windows Operating System. 1. Virtual Tour Software virtual tour software. It presents a real 360 degree world with panoramic view and transition. Sounds, Video, Maps and more great features can be explored in virtual tour.Please use VRTour Software to create vr tour and the highlighted feature is VR mode viewing on phone.